Friday, October 22, 2010

The Blues and its Various Forms

The blues comes in many types of forms, the most common is the 12 bar form.  Within the 12 bar blues we can have many variations.  Ive included a couple of charts, the first one is the most basic form. The roman numerals represent the chords within a key.   For example, lets say we are in the key of "C"  those chords would then be C7, F7, G7.  Seventh chords are used in the blues because regular major chords just sound too happy.  The seventh chord or higher extensions such as 9th chords are generally favored because of the tension they create when played.

Also I would like to mention that the last four bars of the blues are called the "turnaround", it is referred to as this because you can anticipate that it is going to start over.  If we want the form to keep going we play the V chord in bar 12, however if we are to end the song then we substitute the I chord to end it.

This is the major blues by the way, ill explain about the minor blues later since it is a little different.

In the second chart, I have included what can be referred to as the "quick change" form.  It is called this because in bar 2 we switch to the IV chord for a measure, as opposed to playing the I chord for four measures.

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