Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Major Scale and its modes

Here's a chart of the Major(Ionian) Scale and all of its modes.  A mode is a derivative of a scale, meaning its that same scale just starting on a different note.  The first mode, the Ionian mode is the major scale.  The next mode, Dorian, is the major scale starting on the second note. Phrygian is the major scale starting on the third note, Lydian the fourth, etc.....

look at it like this:

CDEFGABC    =  Ionian (Major)
DEFGABCD    =  Dorian
EFGABCDE    =  Phrygian
FGABCDEF    =  Lydian
GABCDEFG   =  Mixolydian
ABCDEFGA   =  Aeolian (Minor)
BCDEFGAB   =  Locrian

Aeolian is what is also known as the minor scale, or it can be referred to as  relative minor because it is "related" to the major scale.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The word arpeggio means "broken chord".  Arpeggios have many uses and can be played a number of ways, heres a few charts of some essential arpeggio families to know. You can kinda think of them as chords that are played in a scale like manner